Year: 2015

“Anything we think we can translate into words or pictures is ultimately just that: a translation. It is a broken-up, distanced result of our need to capture experience. We know this but we continue to try. It’s not that it’s pointless, or feeble—I hope you don’t think that’s what I’m saying. But nor do I think that this relentless battle to capture is the best way to spend our time. Sometimes I want to let it all slip away . . .I have lost and I have gained, over and over again. In cycles and in what seem like separate transactions in money and in love; I have lost and I have gained. I know it is the same for you, yes, and who knows what it is in these moments that you have been occupied, preoccupied, or distracted by. What you might be trying to rid yourself of, or attain again.” – Excerpt from “ Time That Does Not Tick” Hannah Buonaguro, 2013